Lipu Training

Customer site and regional based classes:
Lipu offers two convenient types of training classes to accommodate customer needs and availability. Classes on specific customer machines can be scheduled at the customer’s site for up to 15 students in 1, 2 or 3 day blocks. As an alternative, customers can send one or more employees to regional 1 and 2 day classes that focus on specific topics or systems and are held periodically at central locations throughout the various Lipu sales districts.
Knowledge and skills based training:
Lipu's philosophy is that training should focus on both improving knowledge and developing skills. Knowledge is the component that helps students to mentally understand a problem and what needs to be done, but it is the physical hands-on skill that actually gets the job done. Lipu training provides both.
Machine based training panels:
Most Lipu training classes include a full scale training panel that contains all of the electrical circuits and components of the machine model being taught. This allows customers to have close up experiences with the actual inwards of the machine as the class is taught. Most importantly, the panels have multiple faults that can be induced into the panel systems to allow customers the opportunity to troubleshoot realistic problems in a safe yet realistic setting.
Unique Machines and Solutions:
As every customer is unique we believe your project and machine you need will reflect this. Each and every machine we design and manufacture is specifically tailored to represent individual business and unique crushing,grinding,cement project solution demand. Our machines are bulit for easy maintenance&long working life,the main components of the machine and wearing parts are with the usage of high quality wear-resisting material and advanced processing technique,and our service team assists with technical support all through the long and profitable lifetime of the machines and production line design.

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