Steam Pipe Indirect Heating Dryer

【Effective Volume】: 20.27-69.15m3

【Output Moisture】:1-0.5%

【Heat Source】:steam heating pipes

【Application】:Chemical petroleum light industry metallurgy building materials industries etc.


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Heating pipes through steam pipe indirect heating dryer provides required heat for drying wet material which is one kind of heat conduction type drying equipment open type and closed type are included. It is widely applied in chemical petroleum light industry metallurgy building materials industries etc. Main difference between steam pipe indirect heating dryer and normal rotary dryer is that it equips with steam heating pipes inside of the cylinder 1-3 circles of pipes are installed in concentric circles inside of the dryer cylinder one end is installed above drainage separation chamber of pipes collecting box at the outlet of the dryer. The other end is installed on tube sheet of the ventilation head with thermal expansion structure. Seam hot water and other heat carriers are fed in through steam journal pipe and distributed to each heating pipe through pipes collecting box. While condensate water gathers at header because of dryer slope and then discharge at steam journal pipe. Material is dried by lifting and mixing of heating pipe and moved from higher side to lower side because of dryer slope. Finally it discharges at the end of discharge funnel. Water vapour goes out by induced draft fan or natural ventilation. If it is organic solvent after vaporization it can be recycled by seal system. Inert gas can be used repeatedly.

Technical Parameters:

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