RCYD Series Iron Remover

【Belt Width 】: 500mm-1,400mm

【Belt Speed 】:≤2.5m/s


【Application】:Cement, thermal power, metallurgy, mining, chemical, glass, papermaking, coal and other industries.


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1. The computer simulation of magnetic circuit the magnetic field intensity is high the suction is strong;

2. High performance magnetic source magnetic path is deep it is not easy to demagnetization demagnetization is not more than 5% within eight years;
3. Waist drum type roller structure with automatic correction function;
4. Belt can automatically discharge iron and guarantee long-term continuous trouble-free operation;
5. Compact structure and is suitable for limited installation space.


RCYD series of self-cleaning suspension permanent magnetic separator is mainly used in the material flow to remove/recovery inclusion of ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, iron filings, nails, etc., in order to prevent subsequent crusher, grinding machine, and other machinery and equipment from being damaged.  It can also prevent belt conveyor from being damaged by iron material.  It is widely used in cement, thermal power, metallurgy, mining, chemical, glass, papermaking, coal and other industries.

Technical Parameters:

ModelBelt width (mm)Belt speed (m/s)Rated suspension height(mm)Material thickness(mm)Magnetic field intensity(mT)Iron absorption ability(kg)Power (kW)Overall and installation dimension (mm)Weight(t)
RCYD-        5500≤2.5150≤100≥600.1-251.519007359359507530.75
RCYD-        6.5650≤2.5200≤150≥700.1-251.52165780108012008881.2
RCYD-        8800≤2.5250≤200≥700.1-252.223507961280130010881.4
RCYD-        101000≤2.5300≤250≥700.1-253.026609201550140013352.12
RCYD-        121200≤2.5350≤300≥700.1-254.0286010101720155015153.35
RCYD-        141400≤2.5400≤350≥700.1-254.0322510501980180017554.45
Note: all models all has product design with strong type T1, T2, T3, higher than the national standard,the rated lifting high magnetic induction intensity is respectively for 90 mT, 120 mT, 150 mT.

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